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Sun Glasses

Sunglasses are a very important tool in maintaining the health of your eyes.
Everyone knows ultraviolet or UV radiation is known to be highly dangerous to our skin, but did you also know it also has a direct and irreversible impact on your eyes.
It accelerates/aggrevates formation of wrinkles, pinguecula/pterygium growth (callous like formation on the whites of eyes), cataract formation (clouding of your vision), macular degeneration (distortion of your fine vision), and cancer.
Even on cloudy overcast days, the UV radiation poses a real threat. 70% of UV radiation is still able to pass the clouds. 80% of a person’s lifetime of UV exposure occurs before the age of 18 years old. This means it is even more important to protect our children’s eyes. 
Clear prescription lenses do not replace sunglasses. A larger frame allows more protection and UV coverage, polarized lenses allows better visual comfort reducing bright lights and glare, and only Crizal Sun UV guarantees E-SPF 50+ in your eyewear. More research is going into High Energy Visible radiation. This type of radiation penetrates deeper into the tissue of the eyes causing retinal damage and macular degeneration.
Our optical carries a large selection of sunglasses for everyone, ranging from women’s sunglasses, men’s sunglasses, teen’s, and even sunglasses for young children.  We are sure you will find a pair of sunglasses to fit your particular needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment or come in and browse our showroom.
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