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We're a proud member of Vision Source

EyeScript Vision Care, P.C. is a proud member of the Vision Source Family. When Dr. Nguyen initially decided to create her own optometry practice, she researched many of the different franchises available here in the Texas area.


Her search revealed that many of the benefits of being a member of a large franchise were outweighed by the control imposed by the large franchise corporations.  Dr. Nguyen wanted the discretion to spend however much time was needed to make sure each patient’s exam was thorough, not rushing through exams and making sure her patient’s questions have been answered. She wanted to carry the brands and styles of eye glasses that she felt her patients would want and appreciate.  She didn’t want to prescribe a brand of contacts or eye glass lenses that she didn’t believe in and felt were subpar and inferior. Dr. Nguyen felt that having that freedom would mean better care for her patients.


When Dr. Nguyen first came across Vision Source, she was excited to hear that Vision Source was comprised of private practice doctors.  Vision Source allowed each doctor to remain autonomous and retain the ability to make decisions that benefit the practice of optometry and  her patients. Vision Source also provided the benefits Dr. Nguyen was looking for in a franchise.    The network of the doctors of Vision Source are second to none and they include the best and brightest optometrists around the country.  With close to 3,000 offices around the United States, Vision Source is the largest network of private practice doctors. In the age of the big corporations pushing mom and pop stores out of business, Vision Source has created a way for private practice to thrive and serve patients without compromising quality. Vision Source was also created right here in Houston, with the sole goal of preserving independent optometry.


Vision Source is also very involved in philanthropy supporting the charity Optometry Giving Sight, a 501(c)(3) public charity that funds sustainable eye and vision care projects in under served communities throughout the world. The University of Houston College of Optometry recently named its new surgical center the “Vision Source Ambulatory Surgical Center”, making it the first surgery center in the nation to be housed at, and affiliated with, a college of optometry.


Needless to say, Dr. Nguyen was ecstatic to join and become a part of such a vast network of knowledge and do her part in maintaining private practice optometry. Since becoming a member, Dr. Nguyen has been fortunate to attend many meetings and seminars hosted by Vision Source.  She has also been part of discussions concerning the changing health system with many renown managed health care providers to better understand what these changes entail. This knowledge is helpful in understanding where the practice of medicine is going and how it will translate into providing the highest level of care our patients deserve.  EyeScript Vision Care, P.C. is happy to be working together with Vision Source to achieve this goal.

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