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For all of our athletes in Spring-Klein area, we carry Sports Eyewear, Protective Eyewear, andAthletic Eyewear. These glasses and goggles protect your eyes from physical injury that can be caused while participating in sports. You can wear these with contact lenses or even put your eye prescription into the lenses allowing the athlete to see as clear as possible while playing. Whether its sports like basketball, soccer, football, tennis, racquetball, hockey, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, baseball, shooting, archery, or the many other athletic activities we Texans take part in, now you don’t have to compromise your performance or safety by choosing between being able to see or not.  Additionally, different lenses can be outfitted in your frames to enhance your performance. For shooters, a yellow tinted lens can be used to enhance the target and for quick target acquisition.  For golfers, dark amber, copper, brown, green, and gray lenses are among the recommended to enhance the color of your golf ball, allowing you to spot your ball easier. Brown or rose tinted lenses are used to increase the contrast of tennis balls on the green court. Good vision and skills go hand-in-hand in many sports. Our doctor and office can tailor fit specialized eyewear to protect your eyes at play. Specialty frames and prescription or non-prescription lenses are available for practically any sport. Come into EyeScript Vision Care, P.C. in Spring, TX today for your Athletic Eyewear, Protective Eyewear, and Athletic Eyewear to take your game to the next level.

Sports Eyewear | Protective Eyewear | Athletic Eyewear

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