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Is there a non-surgical way to see better while eliminating the need for wearing glasses or contacts?


Orthokeratology, or commonly called Ortho-K, is a therapy that allows you to see clearly and comfortably without the need of wearing glasses, contacts, or having surgery.


Ortho-K was FDA approved in 2002, but the concept can be traced back to Ancient China. Today, modern technology allows Dr. Nguyen to map your eyes and design a lens that will reshape the eye to see clearer.

The first step in the therapy is to map and scan the shape and complexities of the eye, using a machine called a topographer. This machine scans the eyes and stores the file digitally.  This process takes under a couple of minutes.  You are placed in front of the machine and rest your chin on the it.  You look directly ahead at the orange light as it scans your eyes.  The results of the scan will determine whether you are a good candidate for the therapy or not.   It also helps document the effectiveness of the therapy.

eye exam


If you are a good candidate, the scans are analyzed and lenses are then designed with reverse geometry to smooth out and correct the current prescription, designed to your specific eye.  The lens is made from an oxygen permeable material tailored to your needs and is completely safe.  When your lenses arrive, you come back into the office to test fit the lenses.  Dr. Nguyen will teach you how to insert/remove your lenses and how to care for them. You will go home with all the materials needed to take care of your eyes that day. If everything checks out, you take the lenses home and sleep in the lenses at night.  

The following day, you come back into the office and more scans are done of the eye using the topographer.  Dr. Nguyen will check and measure the progress and make adjustments to the lenses as necessary.  Most patients see an immediate change in prescription in one or two days and the max efficacy is usually at two weeks of wearing the lenses.  The therapy requires similar checkups at the two week, one month, three months, and at six months.  After the six month checkup, there are no other checkups until your yearly exam.  

At your next yearly exam, you will be checked again to see if your eyes are still healthy enough for the therapy.  Many times, the prescription changes and new lenses are required each year.  It is also recommended that the lenses be replaced after a year due to warpage and sanitation.  

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