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Personable, Preventative Eye Care For The Entire Family
By Pamela Hammonds

Being able to see well is among the things we take for granted. But your vision can be affected in many ways—excess sun exposure, poor nutrition, injuries or even hereditary conditions.


You can trust Jennifer Nguyen, O.D., to give you and your family members comprehensive, thorough attention when it comes to your eye health. Dr. Nguyen’s approach centers on conducting a detailed exam, educating you on options for long-term good ocular health, and using only quality products such as Essilor produced lenses —the leader in lens technology.


“Every detail of my practice is about catering to my patients and listening to what their needs are,” said Dr. Nguyen. “My goal is to make sure your vision stays clear and your eyes stay healthy for years to come.” This started with her investing in “gold standard” equipment. “Recently, I discovered a large retinal hole in a patient’s eye. It was far from the patient’s fine vision area and appeared stable. With a special retinal camera, I was able to capture the image, document its exact appearance, and determine whether this may lead to a retinal detachment. Investing in the best technology gives better patient care beyond a ‘routine’ eye exam.”


Dr. Nguyen also co-manages the care of her patients who desire LASIK procedures or need cataract surgery. At her practice she is well-equipped to manage ocular care for patients with:

  • glaucoma

  • diabetes

  • macular degeneration

  • cataracts

  • dry eyes

  • severe allergies

  • congenital abnormalities

  • eye infections and injuries

  • prescription correction

  • and more


When it comes to choosing contact lenses, not one product works for everyone. “I utilize special tests and instruments to evaluate the shape of the eye’s surface to better fit contact lenses,” she said. “A too-tight lens will deteriorate the cells on the eye surface. A too-loose lens will cause irritation every time you blink. Sometimes the eye can’t support a lens at all. In those cases, we have a vast array of fashionable frames from which to choose.”

Good eye care begins early


Parents often depend on a “vision screening” to evaluate their children’s eyes. However, these screenings are very limited compared to a comprehensive exam provided by a doctor specifically trained in ocular health (an optometrist or ophthalmologist) who are uniquely qualified to detect vision problems early.

The American Optometric Association recommends your baby get his first eye exam at six months. Dr. Nguyen agrees. “At this age, it’s critical that both eyes see clearly and work together as a team, because the eyes are making crucial connections to the brain to understand what clear is. If a concern is caught early, different therapies can be used to maximize their potential.”

At age three, toddlers should begin their yearly exams. As children grow, their eyes grow and develop as well. “It’s all about preventive care,” Dr. Nguyen said. “Recently, a mother and her six-year old visited our office and shared that he was having to repeat Kindergarten – mainly because he was not able to read his letters. His verbal skills were very developed, however, when asked to sit and read he was not attentive and was labeled disruptive during classwork. Upon examination, we discovered the patient was severely farsighted. He could see far, but not near. With a simple treatment of glasses, he excelled in class and began liking school. Had he been evaluated early, academic frustrations for the student and his parents could have been prevented.”


Children often times do not realize they cannot see clearly. “Key signs can be headaches, avoidance or dislike of reading, short attention span during visual tasks, poor eye/hand coordination and more,” she said. “Sometimes there will be no signs at all! Kids spend a lot of classroom time back and forth between near and far work and that can be stressful if their vision needs correction.”

Children as well as adults need annual exams to not only evaluate their eye health but to also allow Dr. Nguyen to track any conditions that may worsen over time. “By allowing technology to help me as a tool, I can better record the status of my patients’ eye health in an organized and logical manner.”

If you’re looking for an optometrist to care for your family’s eye health, with experience treating and managing a wide range of conditions, then call Eye Script Vision today!

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“It’s so much better to prevent a condition than to attempt to fix something that’s already damaged,” Dr. Nguyen said.

Sunglasses stop more than just glare

Did you know sunglasses are an essential part of your good eye health? Reducing your eyes’ exposure to UV rays can help slow down cataracts, reduce your risk of macular degeneration, prevent ocular melanoma (yes, even your eyes can get cancer), and reduce onset of wrinkles. See Dr. Nguyen for a prescription pair today.




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