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Our Eye Care Services

We offer Eye Exams, Contact Lens Exams, Medical Exams, Ortho-K, and Surgical Co-Management.

Eye Exam

Comprehensive Wellness Exams, or traditionally known as Eye Exams,  entail a thorough evaluation of the outside of the eyes, inside of the eyes, and an prescription for contacts. eyeglasses, or both.  A patient’s first Eye Exam is recommended before school age.


An infant should be evaluated between 6 and 12 months, and yearly after that. By evaluating the visual system at an early age, you may prevent permanent decreases in vision such as Amblyopia and lazy eye, years of potential academic struggle, depth perception problems, and many more possible problems for your children. Vision screenings given at childcare facilities and schools do not offer detailed assessments and diagnoses that a comprehensive eye exam would. With Dr. Nguyen’s training and experience with children, your child’s exam will be a fun-filled visit.


Comprehensive Wellness Exams are recommended yearly to monitor and re-evaluate possible changes in the patient’s prescription and ocular health. As a patient grows and develops, the eyes will grow and develop as well. It is very likely that the prescription will change, and comprehensive wellness exams will be able to follow and measure these changes to maximize your visual potential. Additionally, by using the latest technology and diagnosing equipment, Dr. Nguyen can possibly detect many eye diseases before they have permanent effects on your vision, such as: diabetes, hypertension, and some forms of cancer.  At around the age of 40 and later, many patients will develop further changes related to their eyes that may affect the way the eye is able to see. By visiting your optometrist and getting an eye exam, your eyes will be evaluated and cared for accordingly. Many of these changes can be subtle and require early treatment before permanent damage can occur. Exams can detect diseases such as: Glaucoma, Cataracts, Dry Eyes, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Hypertensive Retinopathy.


Each eye exam will also entail screenings for low grade health concerns like ocular seasonal allergies. Living in the suburbs like Spring, many patients suffer from itchy red eyes.

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Contact lens

Contact Lens Exam

Contact Lens Exams or Contacts Exams evaluate how healthy your eyes are in relation to contact lenses and if you are a good candidate for contact lenses. Whether it is your first time wearing contacts or you a long time wearer, the health of your eyes is our main concern.  Wearing contact lenses is safe, however, even if worn properly, contact lenses can lead to eye infections, dry eyes, and blurred vision.


When contact lenses are worn improperly, chances of complications are increased drastically. Patients should always follow Doctor’s orders in reference to wearing contacts. Contact lenses should be cleaned, maintained, and stored with the proper solutions. Extra caution should be given to avoid introducing foreign substances and germs into the eyes because they could cause problems and complications due to the risk of infection. This can be achieved by washing your hands prior to removing contacts or putting them in and rinsing contacts thoroughly if the lens was contaminated. Sleeping in contact lenses is the most common and serious problem that arises with patients.

The eye is meant to be able to breathe and sleeping in lenses decrease oxygen to the eyes.  Doing so can lead to infection or Hypoxia which can cause possible permanent vision loss and blindness. If your contact lenses are not as comfortable as they should be, your eyes are unusually red, or your vision is not as clear, be sure to visit your eye care physician as soon as possible. These are early indicators of infection or complications and may need treatment.


There are many different brands and types of contact lenses. Each set of lenses should be assessed and prescribed to fit your lifestyle and your eyes. Not every brand and type will work for each individual patient. There are patients that must have specialized contacts customized and made for their individual eyes. Regardless of what type of lens you are fitted with, it is important to regularly evaluate how the contact lenses interact with your body.


We carry many popular brands and custom made lenses to tailor to your visual needs.  Pleasecontact us to set up a contact lens exam.  We look forward to fitting you and other residents of the Spring area with a lens that is best fitted for you.

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Medical Eye Exam

Medical Eye Exams are concentrated on vision threatening concerns. Many times, these visits are covered by medical insurance.
Our office provides emergency services for eye infections and eye injuries for Spring and surrounding areas. Please call our office at 281-251-1120 during office hours.
Our staff will work with you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. State of the art microscopes allow us to examine the front surface of the eye and facial areas around the eye for infection or injury. After assessing the extent of the injury or infection a treatment plan will be formulated and explained to you. Treatment may include medications and supportive care. Follow-up visits to monitor your recovery will be scheduled as needed.


Dry Eyes

 Symptoms include scratchy eyes, burning, mild redness and gritty feeling eyes. Oral medications, reading, computer tasks and dry environments may aggravate marginally dry eyes. Dry eyes can be diagnosed by using dyes to observe tear patterns, evaluation of the amount of tears on the front of the eye and from review of your symptoms. Treatment may include artificial tears; eye drops for treating allergies; and/or punctal plugs inserted in the tear drainage canals.



 The natural lens in the eye gradually becomes less clear as we get older. When opacities develop in the lens and the lens gets too hazy, vision will be impaired. Our office can diagnose and manage cataract care. When the cataract affects the vision to the extent that you cannot read or see distant objects comfortably, we will recommend cataract surgery. Our office co-manages with cataract specialists that are proven experts in cataract surgery. Cataract surgery can provide you with a bright new world of vision.



 Glaucoma gradually destroys the optic nerve tissue in the back of the eye. The greatest danger of glaucoma stems from the fact that the disease is painless and without obvious symptoms until significant damage has occurred. The most common cause is from pressure being too high inside the eye, but vascular disease and other diseases can also cause glaucoma. We always monitor for glaucoma during routine eye examinations. Tests include checking the pressure of the eye, screening for peripheral vision defects and analyzing the appearance of the optic nerve. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, we typically prescribe medications that lower the eye pressure. Most forms of glaucoma are successfully treated with eye drops. Laser treatments and eye surgery are secondary treatments that offer alternative ways to treat more advanced glaucoma.



 Diabetic patients should have a dilated retinal examination each year. Laser treatments have proven to slow the progression of retinal eye disease for many patients. Diabetes often stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the back of the eye, which ultimately leak and damage the retina. If this condition is discovered early, laser treatment can destroy these vessels. We have the latest instruments used to detect changes in the back of the eye. If we discover advancing diabetic eye disease that can be treated or needs further evaluation, we will refer you for consultation and further testing to a board certified retinal specialist


Eye Injuries

 Every year patients deal with injuries to their eyes such as: scratches, paper cuts, fingers into eye, elbows to the eye, a ball striking the eye, debris in the eye (i.e. metal shards or shavings, glass, splinters), and other minor injuries. Patients with minor injuries or minor trauma to the eyes are welcome to contact our office for a same day appointment.  If you are dealing with a major eye injury or if our office is currently closed, please visit an emergency care provider.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or if you are having problems with your vision, contact our office for a medical exam in Spring, TX today.

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EyeScript offers Surgical Co-Management to help walk patients through the entire process and communicate important information to the surgeon and his surgical team. Some of the surgeries we offer co-management for are cataracts and LASIK . EyeScript Vision Care will act as your primary provider by diagnosing what your ailment is,  help find you the best surgeon for your needs, and will make sure your follow up care goes smoothly.  EyeScript works only with the best surgeons who are equally passionate about eye care and their patients.


Cataract surgery

is performed when the lens in the patients’ eyes become too cloudy. This causes their vision to blur and be distorted to the point where glasses or contact lenses cannot correct. Dr. Nguyen is able to evaluate the patients’ eyes and determine if lens clouding is the cause of blurred vision and if cataract surgery will be appropriate. She will collect the data necessary, communicate the patients’ history and findings with the best surgeon, and help set up the surgery date.  The surgeon then operates on the eyes and removes the lens that is cloudy and replaces it with an artificial clear lens with a prescription in it. After the surgery, Dr. Nguyen follows the treated eye, makes sure the eyes are healing appropriately, and will calculate any residual eyeglass prescription if there is any.



 is an elected cosmetic procedure where the patient’s prescription is surgically placed on the surface of the eye by a laser. There are several “LASIK” surgeons all over Houston, but they are not all the same and they do not all have the newest current lasers available. Dr.Nguyen has worked side by side with several LASIK surgeons and has had LASIK done on herself. She is very knowledgeable in LASIK care and understands the importance in the proper care it entails.


If you are experiencing flashes of lights or a sudden onset of floaters, this may be an indication you are having a retinal detachment or bleeding inside your eyes. A retinal detachment is where the nerve fiber layer that lines the inside of the eye becomes separated from its vascular supply. This may occur after blunt trauma to the eye or head, or due to being severely nearsighted, or even due to the natural aging process. It is very serious occurrence and if not corrected as soon as possible, permanent vision loss may occur. By going to your neighborhood eye doctor, your eyes can be evaluated properly and referred if necessary to the appropriate surgeon.


Surgery on or around the eyes can be very scary. EyeScript can refer you to a surgeon who is experienced, well-respected, and that will take care of you.  We are more than happy to hold your hand through the process and help answer any questions that may arise. By co-managing with your optometrist, there is a continuity of care that you cannot get otherwise.  Your optometrist would know what your eyes were like before and what they should be like after the surgery. Your doctor can also make sure your eyes heal properly.  Additionally if there were any complications, EyeScript Vision Care is just around the corner and we have the ability to see you much sooner than scheduling an appointment with a surgeon.  Contact our office for your Surgical Co-management needs today.

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